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  • Starlight Weekly Video #28

    Good morning everybody, Happy Monday! It’s week 28 of school! I accidentally said that last week but I really mean it this time!

    Our Growth Mindset Quote of the Week is: “The expert at anything was once a beginner.”

    Our PBIS Skill of the Week is: Waiting Your Turn

    Congratulations to Mrs. Casillas and Mrs. Nunez for receiving the B.E.S.T. award for being the administrator of the year and parent volunteer of the year for the WHOLE DISTRICT!

    We met with our yard duty supervisors and have some reminders to share -
    When the bell rings, everyone walk to their lines. Get your backpacks on the way to the classroom, not before you line up.
    Wait until you get to the cafeteria area to start eating. Don't eat while you're walking on the sidewalks.
    Don't play tag or chase with each other. People have been getting hurt.

    Our TK students took a Field Trip to three places in our community! Stater Bros grocery store, the pediatric dentist, Dr. Kruizenga, and to the Fire Station, all in Beaumont.

    We had our 1st ever 4th grade CA History Night last week. Our 4th grade students researched CA landmarks and recreated them using lots of different building materials. The parents, Mrs. Casillas and I, learned a lot of information that night. Nice effort, 4th graders!

    Did you know that the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco is as long as it is from Starlight to San Gorgonio Middle School?

    I wonder if any of our 2nd graders ever caught a leprechaun. They sure tried!

    We ended the Week with our APEX Fun Run! For two weeks, we learned about being Selfless, Trustworthy, how to Refuel, how to Overcome obstacles, how to go to the Next Level and remind us to be grateful! Let’s not forget the lessons we learned from Fast Tre and Dunkin Dennis. They said they enjoyed being here with you and they are coming back to our school next year in November! Yessssssssssss!

    We celebrated Mrs. Casillas’ birthday!

    Jackson’s Parent Conference Week! Do Your BEST!

    Uploaded Apr 07, 2019
  • Starlight Weekly Video #7 4:35 Starlight Weekly Video #7

    Uploaded Oct 07, 2018

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