Starlight Elementary

Yearbooks for sale! - ¡Anuarios a la venta!

There are a few options you can choose from when ordering a yearbook! Please read the following information:

  1. Standard Option:  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY A YEARBOOK ONLINE. You can buy one at the front office with a cash payment of $22.00.
    • If you buy a yearbook at the front office you will not be able to add the custom pages that are available if you order online.
    • The hard cover option is not available if you buy a yearbook from the front office.
  2. Online Custom Option: You can buy a yearbook online by selecting the following link:
    • Or you can visit and click on “Buy Yearbook” on the top right corner. Then enter the following passcode: 1015411975172168  Please follow the directions indicated on the screen to proceed.
    • The standard order is with a soft (paperback) cover. You can upgrade to a hardcover for an additional $6.95.
    • If you order online you get 2 free pages to customize for your student(s). Simply follow the instructions provided online in order to add photos and other content to the pages.
      • ALL custom pages are due on 4/11/20. 
      • You can add additional pages for $0.99 per page.
      • You do not have to add custom pages if you order online. It’s optional.
ALL ORDERS ARE DUE ON 4/18/20 both online and from the school’s front office!
  • This is the final deadline. There will not be yearbooks sold after this date in the front office. You will have to order online after this date. If you do buy a yearbook after the deadline, it will not be included with the school’s order and you will be responsible for any shipping and handling fees. Since your order will not be included in the school’s order it will have to be shipped to your address. The company has a 4-5 week turnaround time so there is no guarantee that your order will arrive before the school year is over. We strongly recommend you place your order before the deadline.

If you need help ordering online, come to the office on Wednesday, 3/4/20 from 11:30-1pm and 2-4pm or Wednesday, 4/8/20 from 11:30-1pm and 2-4pm so we can help you place your order!

Please contact the front office if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!